Catch-all Wednesday

You know those baskets or boxes or drawers that collect the batteries from the broken remote, one rubber foot that won’t stay on the crockpot, two pushpins you found behind the couch, a drawstring that got pulled out of your hoodie’s hood, a blade that somehow detached from its pocketknife, and a pile of Canadian shrappers (coins) that your overnight guests left as a “thank you for your hospitality” a year and a half ago… Catch-all collectionCatchall is what I call ’em. They’re small and insignificant on their own but you don’t want to pitch them just yet.

That’s the idea of this post. I have a lot of little tidbits to document, but each one of them is hardly a post in itself. So without further ado, here is our collection.


  • I just heard the sound of gurgling water coming from the coat closet and ran to find Kyler dumping half a gallon of water on the shoes in the box.
  • At my last prenatal we tested for Vitamin D count in my blood and it came back really low. So I’m snarfing 10,000 IUs a day along with extra calcium magnesium and trying to soak up the sunshine as much as possible.
  • Kyler found a pile of quarters and dimes and has been everywhere with them in his little fists.
  • Kyler caught the cold and Sunday night we didn’t get much sleep. In an attempt to relieve his earache around 3 in the morning we baked an onion to try to get the juices to put in his ear. Which maybe we were impatient because after half an hour we couldn’t really get much juice so we blended it up and tried to press out some juice with our coffee aeropress. Fail. Ended up popping a garlic gel cap and squirting that in his ear. We were desperate for something that would soothe him, so we camped out in the living room and tried to catch some shut eye while he watched Shaun the Sheep. In the morning he was feverish and Jacob had to work and I had no strength left, so Mom came over to help us out. She helped get the fever down by crushing up pills and mixing the powder in a popsicle so Kyler would swallow it. (We didn’t have the right kids medicine around.) She cooked a lovely pancake breakfast for me, cleaned up the kitchen and did the laundry. Pancake breakfastOh, what a blessing! I can’t sing her praises enough. And Kyler slept in my arms most of the day.Kyler sleeping
  • Next night was way way better. He only woke up once.
  • Now I caught the cold. And it pretty much did me in.
  • It’s uncomfortable to slouch. Baby girl needs her s…p…a…c…e! I believe she’s practicing ballet in there.
  • This morning Kyler was begging for cookies, which I didn’t have on hand. So when we ate lunch at the bakery we got a dozen to take home. I’m trying to eat healthy (so this baby is not quite the whoppin 8 pounder that Kyler was) which means low to no carbs and sugar, but I’m afraid Kyler can’t eat all those cookies by himself. Shhh…don’t tell Mom (she’s also my midwife in case you didn’t know). Oh wait, she’s probably reading this anyway. 😉
  • Whenever we go out to eat and get a fountain drink, Kyler loves to punch in all the options on the cup lids… of everyone at the table.Kyler Punching Lid
  • Our driveway security camera and garage door are broken. The toilet leaks. All of Kyler’s favorite plugs are either lost or chewed up. Jacob’s jawbone headset is missing and my phone dies every so often.
  • Jacob can handle any technical/computer/electronic question you can throw at him. 🙂
  • We clean church on Saturday and Sunday it’s our turn to go to our outreach church in Newport.
  • I cried at the end of the last Chopped (a cooking competition) episode I watched. And this is why: the winner, an outspoken Christian young man, gave the $10,000 prize to the runner up French lady who really wanted to go see her ailing grandma back in France.
  • I love the way Kyler says “Oh!” whenever he gets excited and wants to say something. “Oh! there’s Annie! Oh! Oh! Jacket and Oh! shoes!”
  • Vertical blinds are not kid-friendly.
  • Today completes 29 weeks for me… or rather baby girl. 🙂 I told Jacob this morning, “If she comes one week early, we’ll be holding her in our arms in ten weeks!” I think that way of spinning it made it seem just a little closer…

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  1. Mary Sain

    Love the blog!!! Glad to know I am not the only one with a ‘junk’ drawer!! Seems like only yesterday you kids were flying down the driveway to meet me when I delivered your mail….thanks for the sweet memories 🙂


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