The Dancers

Hello, I’m Renita Bushnell…  and I’m happily married to that handsome guy.  He’s Jacob. We’re blessed to be the parents of a cute little tyke named Kyler and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a little girl in early May.


We live in the lovely Kootenai Valley in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. It’s our passion to create a beautiful home where first of all our Lord Jesus Christ is honored and His love spilled out to others.

I love to decorate, entertain friends and guests, get way too much inspiration from Pinterest, try new recipes and DIY projects… and organize! “A place for everything and everything in its place” seems a little pie-in-the-sky right now but it’s a dream I’m aiming for.

Jacob owns and operates his own business as a technical consultant, e-commerce website development manager, and security camera system installer. He also loves to reach out to others in the community by running on the local ambulance department as an EMT.

Kyler joined our family March 1st, 2011. He is [almost] a carbon copy of his daddy. He dearly loves big trucks, fy-ah, anything that goes boom and Shaun the Sheep. Oh, yes of course he loves us too 🙂

This blog is about the dance of Bushnell home life. Sometimes calm… and sometimes, probably most times, it will be about what Kyler and his little sister are up to. But always choosing to see the beauty in each moment, holding on to it and filling it to the fullest with love, laughter and sound teaching.

So come share the joy and tears, the laughter and the pain. It’s our little world and we welcome you with open hearts.


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