Pushing My Buttons

First of all, here’s my two favorite men enjoying their morning coffee together.Coffee with Daddy

How could such a sweet, innocent little fella be smart enough to know how to push my buttons already?? He’s still one (closer to two… however, he’s still one) and it’s like he’s got his eye open for anything that gets a rise out of me. Just this morning while Kyler was outside playing with our dog Annie, he grabbed up a handful of snow… and raised it to his face. Now the snow in our backyard is no longer the pristine wonderland stuff anymore. It’s mud-flecked and strewn with a rotten twig and a spruce needle or two. Plus who knows what all else with the dog running over it all the time. In my mind, gross. And I made the mistake of conveying these thoughts to him. Sure enough, a few seconds later Kyler yells, “Mama, Mama, LOOK!” When he’s sure I’m watching him from the kitchen window, he proceeds to deliberately cram his mouth full of dirty icy snow with the hugest grin on his little face and says “Mmm yum yum!” as he smacks down on his cookies and cream. I believe he was rewarded with the desired response. Sigh.

I shouldn’t be surprised, after all he’s just like his father. And Jacob’s mom laughs, “Just you wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait!” as they reminisce about the octopus Jacob dangled in front of her kitchen window, trying to make her freak out about it being a huge spider or the time he told her he had a spider in his ear.┬áNO!! Not spiders. Please don’t tell Kyler I’m dead. scared. of spiders. He’ll figure that one out soon enough!

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