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Warning: this post could also be titled “Pregnant Lady Fantasizing About Good Food”

It’s part of becoming our own unique family unit. We form traditions.

One of our earliest rituals we started right after we got married and that’s going to the Bread Basket bakery down the road for a Friday chicken sandwich. Every Friday it’s on their menu… and almost every Friday we’d be there. They grill their chicken outside, rain or shine, and we always looked forward to that delectable homemade sandwich.

After three and a half years, we discovered a new favorite in town. A small organic bistro inside a shop called Under the Sun. How I look forward to Saturday lunch. Jacob usually orders their no bread wrap which consists of a roasted red pepper stuffed with turkey breast and cheese and sprouts and mayo. I order the special of the day, and so far it’s always been different and it’s always been amazing.  I’ve never seen their chef except for a glimpse of a red ponytail. I’m pretty sure there’s a halo hovering over her. I never would have thought to put turkey and apples and cheese into a sandwich melt, or create a bbq chicken quesadilla with a creamy garlic dipping sauce. But so far my favorite is the monte cristo with the raspberry dipping sauce. A lightly eggy bread, kind of like french toast, and between it… my I wish I could remember all that they said was in it, but I think it was canadian bacon and another type of meat. And dip that in a fresh raspberry sauce. When the waitress described it, I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to try it, but so far I’ve never been disappointed with what their chef comes up with, and I’m so glad I went with it. I’ve been fantasizing about that monte cristo ever since.
Lunch at Under the Sun
The side dish I usually order is their wild salmon chowder, which Kyler uses as a dipping sauce for his usual. A quesadilla. And their frappes are amazing. At least the ones we’ve ordered. For Jacob, sugar free coconut frappe. I call it heaven in a cup. Such a smooth and creamy, lightly coffee lightly coconut beverage. No bitterness at all. Either from the coffee or from the stevia sweetener. Cold and refreshing. I kept sipping from Jacob’s cup and then getting the jitters afterward, so now I get the decaf version of the same thing. It’s so nice not to have to share (except with Kyler)! 😀 The food is delicious and the service outstanding and the price is very reasonable.

Not all our traditions are about feeding our faces. We’ve also got a going-to-bed routine that Kyler has down pat. And he won’t let us forget one part of it. Bible story, kiss Mama, horsey ride on Daddy back to bed, climb up onto crib rail and count before jumping in, milk, blanket, prayer, and kiss Daddy. When we read the Bible story, we use that as training time for sitting in church.

Bedtime Bible Story

Our “instrument of mass instruction” is a glue stick. We sit down to read, and Kyler looks around at both of us and says “glue stick?”.  Cracks me up, the little guy. I purposely forget it, just to hear him make sure we have it. If we don’t, he will run and get it for us, and heave a contented sigh when everything is in place, ready to read again. Some day he will realize how not-so-bright his little routine is. 😀

April 1st

Seriously, I’m not the April Foolin’ type, but when I think of a really, really good joke to play on my joke-loving husband on Joke Day… I couldn’t resist. My first ever attempt was a splashing success!Pregnancy April Fool's prank

All I did was browse Pinterest the day before and saw how someone did a positive pregnancy test joke on her husband. I even told Jacob about it, and we laughed together how that would be funny but wouldn’t work for me to play this year, seeing I’m great with child. And then my little brain wheels started spinning… how bout a water breaking joke? Hmm I just might be able to pull it off.

With a little duct tape, and a belt, and a ziploc bag of warm water, and a pin.

All I did was lock myself in the bathroom with my supplies. Turned on the fan and lied about why the door was locked. Taped the bag of water to his belt around my waist. Waddled out to the table and called for supper once I was seated with my pin handy. When his back was turned, getting a drink out of the fridge, I tore several holes in the water bag and squished down on it and gasped. It must have looked real with all that water running down my chair and my legs and me bending over (trying to hide my face).

Poor Jacob handled it so well. He calmly called Mom (my midwife) and told her my water broke and all. It went one step farther than I intended. I was too busy faking to realize that after Jacob hung up with Mom, she called the hospital to arrange a team. I’m not in the safe zone yet, so it really would have been very dangerous if my water had actually broken. I got up and insisted that Jacob take a look and then he heard the plastic rattling down there and realized he had been had. He quickly called Mom to tell her it’s all a joke… and then got me to call her (on speaker phone) and apologize. She thought it was a good joke, but the hospital staff weren’t too impressed. Ooops.

So now we laugh… and thank the Lord that every one is safe and well, and baby girl is still swimming happily and developing properly the way she should.

And I think Jacob is just a bit jealous I got him so good!