Celebrating Seconds

Second birthday… second baby… that’s the kind of seconds we’re talking about this time.

Kyler turned two at the end of an unusual and extra busy week. Then I needed two extra weeks to catch up and return to normal life and find time and inspiration to settle down for another blog post. It’s just not a usual week when your friends’ house they’re renting burns to the ground along with all their earthly possessions. And there’s revival meetings every night. And another friend has her second baby. And you celebrate your son’s second birthday. In a nutshell that’s what has been keeping us busy these last few weeks, along with normal child training, housekeeping, and bread winning.

Give it up for the birthday boy! We started celebrating as soon as he woke up in the morning. He often asks for pancakes for breakfast so I let him help mix up the batter.Kyler making pancakes

His world just got bigger and brighter when I introduced him to the fabulous candy sprinkles! I let him shake them on the pancakes while they cooked and indulged him several times during the day.Sprinkling the pancakesEating candy sprinkles

Kyler dearly loves “birthday candle fi-yah” so we partied all day and poked birthday candles into his breakfast pancakes, into his enchiladas at lunch, and of course his birthday cake in the evening.Breakfast PancakesLunch Birthday Candles

Since Kyler loves blowing out candles I decided to give him a finale birthday bonfire to blow out and bought lots of candles for his cake. He found them and carried them around in his fists and played with them all day like the pushpins and potatoes. I just loved to witness the innocence of a perfectly happy child oblivious to the fact that a birthday is all about me and what I’m going to receive. It makes the gift giving all the more exciting and rewarding. Birthday overload!We went over to Grandpa Bushnells for Kyler’s birthday party. Great Grandpa Lampheres also came to help celebrate. It was a party especially when it came time for the “birthday candle fi-yah”. Candles marched all around a big 2 on top of the cake (actually pumpkin strudel topped with cool whip)… and for extra fun we added a few tricky re-lighting ones and clapped every time he blew them out. Then came the gifts. Absolutely delightful to watch him tear the wrapping off and exclaim over two magnetic train sets, a talking puzzle, and a shiny red trike with a bell. The day came to a sweet end when we tucked Kyler into bed and said, “I love you!” and he replied, “I wub you too!”

He’s growing up, our little boy. We’re still celebrating… small steps like upgrading from Highchair 1.5 to Sitting at the Table 2.0.Kyler at the table

Kyler isn’t the only one we’re celebrating. Baby Girl’s arrival is just around the corner and we (well actually it’s probably all my idea) wanted to capture some of the moments before the second baby. Jacob so kindly arranged with our friend Matt Chupp and his lovely sister Kayla to come over and do a photoshoot for us.Up in the air! Jacob & Kyler Kyler on the swing Big Brother! Daddy and Kyler, hanging out the laundry More little girl clothes Smile! Jacob & Renita Family pose Pregnancy glow

11 thoughts on “Celebrating Seconds

  1. Jolynn

    Hi Renita! I so excited for you and your baby girl to make an appearance! The countdown draws nigh! We are getting so excited for May here in Texas for our little one.
    I just love your pictures of your family. Such sweet memories of this time before little sister enters your world! It’s nice to see y’all in short sleeves too… I wonder if it was a surprisingly warm day 🙂
    Oh, and Happy {belated} birthday to Kyler!

    1. Renita Post author

      Thanks, Jolynn! Been thinking about you and your family too… what a privilege to watch the beautiful process of y’all becoming parents! We have been enjoying absolutely lovely weather (at times) for a little while now. The particular evening we had the photo shoot was windy and the awesome clouds you see in the background chased us inside pretty quickly with chilly rain… and we still see snow flurries in the air some days, but we’re thankful for every little bit of precipitation we get. Makes for a nicer summer 🙂


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